John Buhr

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Pastor John was born in Melrose, MA but he spent most of his life living in Winnipeg Canada. After supporting his wife Karen as she obtained her PhD, he returned to school and attended Grace Evangelical Seminary and College in Bangor, Maine. Karen accepted a position teaching at Penn State Harrisburg and Pastor John was the Pastor at Fredericksburg Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, PA. Karen recently accepted a position with Penn State Mont Alto and Pastor John was called to Central Baptist Church. He is looking forward to seeing what God has in store for his ministry and the church.

Assistant Pastor

Austin Burton

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Austin was raised in a Christian home, by parents who took him to church multiple times every week, and taught him scripture outside of church, as well. He prayed the sinner's prayer at age seven and began identifying as a Christian.

Years later, he read the book, The Pastor's Justification, by Jared Wilson.  That book got him to realize that he had been trusting in his works, and that no matter how hard he tried, he would always fall short.  But, it also made him realize that the blood of Christ still covered everything, and he could look to Jesus and still be declared righteous by God.  He is confident that he has been saved since that night.

He believes the main spiritual gift he has is teaching.  This would also probably be his main skill in ministry.  He has used this by teaching children in AWANA, adults in a senior home, preaching at times in Church and in a college group, and starting a teaching and apologetics YouTube channel and blog.  He believes he also has a gift for service.

His main hobby is reading comic books.  He also likes reading books about theology, politics and history, watching TV shows, and listening to music.  He also has followed politics for many years, and follows various political podcasters and writers.